A young girl goes on a quest to revive the woolly mammoth, taking us on a breathtaking global tour of cutting edge technology, controversial scientists, gorgeous landscapes, and painful ethical dilemmas.

Note: This teaser features a potential lead with a potential personal story. How exactly we will incorporate our protagonist -- and whom we will ultimately cast -- is something to be decided among several options with our producing partner.


Mammoth will provide an unforgettable glimpse into the science of de-extinction and cloning as well as the promise and pitfalls of human genetic engineering. By following the footsteps of a young girl on a quest to revive the mammoth, we will take the viewer on a global adventure full of drama and danger.

Through a series of flashbacks to the Pleistocene, experts from the SFX team of Beasts of the Southern Wild will bring the woolly mammoth to life. Avoiding CGI, we will bring wondrous, surreal "dream-mammoths" to the screen.  

The story of Putin's plan to resurrect and clone the woolly mammoth is a metaphor and warning of how this technology may be misused. Already, labs in China are altering the human germ line using techniques from the mammoth program.

This development threatens to upend the definition of what it means to be human, and thus our film will thrust the viewer into one of the most crucial moral questions or our age.

The Market

Our film will combine the enormous interest among the general population in both cloning technology and woolly mammoths -- two ideas that remain endlessly fascinating to audiences worldwide.  

Also, by sounding an alarm about the potential dangers of genetic engineering, particularly when applied to humans, the film will pique the interest of those concerned about the dangers of this fast-approaching technology.

By telling the story through the eyes of a curious and charismatic young girl, Mammoth will appeal to funders and families alike, who understand the importance of inspiring the next generation of young women to enter the STEM fields.

Finally, by telling a gripping story in a visually unforgettable way, Mammoth will enthrall audiences who long to be taken on an intellectually and emotionally satisfying cinematic adventure. With a strong protagonist and a satisfying dramatic arc, Mammoth will marry story, science, and cinema.


Drawing on the experience of creating the science-inspired, award-winning, and crowd-pleasing     The Russian Woodpecker  , the team behind  Mammoth  will create another unforgettable cinematic experience, both enlightening and entertaining.

Drawing on the experience of creating the science-inspired, award-winning, and crowd-pleasing The Russian Woodpecker, the team behind Mammoth will create another unforgettable cinematic experience, both enlightening and entertaining.


Chad Gracia (Director) worked in New York theater for 20 years, learning the art of keeping audiences on the edge of their seats. His debut film, The Russian Woodpecker, won the 2015 Sundance Grand Jury Prize for World Documentary and other major awards at festivals worldwide. The IDA and the Independent Spirit Awards nominated it for Best Feature Documentary. Chad is fluent in Russian and acts as an advisor to the Culture Ministry of Ukraine. He also worked at the Museum of Natural History. He is dedicated to the melding of science and story.

Mike Lerner (Producer) is an Oscar-nominated producer whose films include Afghan Star, Hell and Back Again, Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer, The Square, and Smash & Grab - The Story of the Pink Panthers. He has won an Academy Award Nomination for Best Documentary Feature (2012), six Sundance Awards (Grand Jury, Special Jury, Best Director, Audience, Cinematography), an EMMY Nomination for Best Documentary, two Grierson Awards for Best Documentary, the Alfred Dupont Award, and others.


Ram Devineni (Producer) is a filmmaker, publisher and founder of Rattapallax films, press and magazine based in New York City, Sao Paulo and New Delhi. He produced, edited and directed the feature documentary The Human Tower, which was shot in India, Chile, and Spain. Recently, he received the 2014 Tribeca Film Institute New Media Fund from Ford Foundation for Priya's Shakti — an augmented reality comic book.

Artem Ryzhykov (Director of Photography) was the winner of the International Documentary Association's "Best Cinematography - 2015" award for his work on The Russian Woodpecker. He was legendary Soviet cinematographer Vadim Vereshchak’s last student. As Director of Photography, Artem’s work has won multiple awards worldwide. His short film, “Hindrance,” was presented at the Cannes “Short Film Corner” as a selection from Ukraine. He has filmed in Siberia and has a rare ability to capture unforgettable moments through his courageous cinematography.



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