“Sex in the Soviet Union” - Monologue Submission

Thank you for your interest in our hybrid documentary film “Sex in the Soviet Union.”

At this point, we would like to see you perform a short monologue in Russian, which you can record on a simple phone camera and post privately at YouTube. Then send your link to your agent (if you were sent here by Oksana), or to the team via the link below. If you have already registered, you should see all your original answers -- just go to the bottom of the page and you’ll see a new box: "Monologue." Paste your private YouTube url here:


Deadline is Monday, May 1st. 


Please start to record yourself in ENGLISH with the following short introduction:

“Hello my name is ___, I was born in ___. My monologue will be _____."

Example: “Hello, my name is Chad Gracia. I was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Today, my monologue will be ‘To be or not to be’ from Hamlet, by William Shakespeare.”


“Hello, my name is Ivan Ivanov. I was born in Moscow. My monologue will be something that I wrote myself.”

Then, in the same video, please present any monologue in Russian. We want to be able to see your type and style of acting with something you are most comfortable with. Please keep the entire video under 2 minutes.


Here are a few examples of amateur actors submitting good monologues (although you can ignore the long introductions):



And here are many examples of monologues (again, ignore the long introduction part):


Tips on how to do a good monologue:



GraciaFilms is a film production company focusing on telling stories connected to the Soviet and post-Soviet world. We have offices in New York City, Boston and Kyiv. Our first feature documentary, The Russian Woodpecker, won the Grand Prize at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival, and many other awards around the world. 

"Sex in the Soviet Union" will be an intense and artistic exploration of the ways in which totalitarianism warps all human activity, including in the bedroom. It will be an unforgettable cinematic journey through 70 years of perversion, power, and pleasure in the USSR.

You can learn about the project, including regular updates, at our Facebook page here. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at Facebook or here.


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