Thank you for your interest. A little more on my job. First, the film is a trilogy about Sex in the Soviet Union, each part is one hour long. Part I is a traditional documentary with lots of archival pictures, newspapers, posters, etc. That needs animation and a unified powerful artistic style. Part II is filmed in a narrative feature film style, and needs just some small clean up. I will likely hire two different people to do each part, since they require different skills. Samples are in both videos:

Part III is a traditional documentary as well, but without a lot of documents. Still, it will require a unified graphic design to match part I. (It’s not finished, so it’s on hold for now.)

For Part I, I need someone who can provide a unified graphic feel to the film. Our last documentary won the Grand Prize at Sundance, so we are aiming for audiences at places like Berlin and Cannes, and need a designer with a strong and powerful vision to ensure a unified look.

In other words, when showing newspapers, posters from the revolution, or pictures, there should be some consistent and artistic way to present this information to the view that is both aesthetic pleasing, understandable in English, and appropriate to the story. Of course, the trailer, posters, marketing, etc., should all have the same style. Please keep this in mind when discussing the project.

Sample Style / Works

This is a bit too fast paced, cliched, and TV style, but we need something unified like what we can see here:

The first 1 minute of this is interesting as a potential style for chapter introductions for Part I:

Test Task Part I

As a test, I'd be curious to know how you would present the information in this poster ( to our english speaking audience, focusing on the most interesting "rules". Please let me know your thoughts on how you would present this information both clearly, artistically, and in a manner that fit with an overall “schema” for a film such as ours. If you have any questions, let me know.

12 Revolutionary Precept17.jpg

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