A young girl goes on a quest to Siberia to revive the woolly mammoth, but her true plans are more startling still.

Mammoth is a hybrid documentary exploring the problems and pitfalls of cloning and genetic engineering. Our Oscar-nominated team is led by a curious, charismatic, and quirky 10-year old girl, who will take the viewer on an adventure from New York to Siberia in search of the woolly mammoth. This documentary-fiction hybrid will introduce audiences to the fascinating science and personalities racing to clone these extinct beasts, as well as the ethical questions that genetic engineering presents to humanity. 

Team: Backed by a development grant from the BBC and Cinereach (producers of Beasts of the Southern Wild), produced by Oscar-nominated Mike Lerner and directed by Sundance winner Chad Gracia, this feature length documentary will follow a young girl as she uncovers the science and personalities behind the effort to clone a woolly mammoth. 



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